Wednesday WOD – 28/06/2017

EMOM for 10mins

Odd = 3 x Strict Pull ups
Even = 3 x Ring Dips

7min AMRAP of:

100m ROW…..then….
+ 1 x rd of CINDY
5 x Pull ups
10 x Push ups
15 x Squats

2min rest

7min AMRAP of:
200m row ……then…
+ 2 x rds of CINDY

Tuesday WOD – 27/06/2017

METCON – 40/45mins
“The Bear Complex”

Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press (to back)
Back Squat
Push Press (to front)

Without stopping or dropping the bar, complete the following sequence, seven times.
Add weight, then attempt another sequence of 7. Repeat for a total of 5 rds.


Howdy crew,

Thanks to everyone who supported us at our ‘Home away from home’.
It was a lot of fun & hope you all enjoyed it.

Massive ‘THANKS’ to Mr Timmy Condren for all the help and the use of spaces at Mackay North State High School – much appreciated. We would have been lost without it.
I am sure everyone can’t wait for next year with the lovely addition of ‘High Street HELL’

We are all BACK TO NORMAL as per Monday 26th June 2017.
Looking forward to seeing you all back in the box ready to tackle the next goal – Townsville AllStars Comp 2017. Bring it on!!


AT M.N.S.H.S = Tuesday WOD – 20/06/2017

PART A – For time: “High Street Hell”
8 x rounds of:

100% = Hill sprint Up + 10 x KB Swings a the top – (24/16kg)
Recovery = on the way down

3min REST

PART B – 10min AMRAP
Ascending ladder (2’s)

2 x Stair Runs + 2 x Pulse Squats
2 x Stair runs + 4 x Pulse Squats

(etc….. as high as you can get with the pulse squats)
Stair runs always = 2 x laps

Score = total of pulse squats